Evolution Wolfenstein Stat - 1.15 - (2009.Sep.19. 21h30m29s)
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Team 1:

<<<<< TOTALS >>>>>2.1556260440000.00

Team 2:

<<<<< TOTALS >>>>>0.4626560220000.00


01. nP.Krisje!01 101256.75274010
02. raw,Mata 029322.00147022
03. raw,edge 105641.001515012
04. /<.Sui2390 0.581424001
05. /<.Stary14510 0.481021011
06. Jeebs1 1 100.18211010


Main Awards:

Terminator Award: nP.Krisje!; for killing effiency of 6.75.

Slaughterhouse Award: nP.Krisje!; with total of 27 kills.

Slaughterhouse Lama Award: /<.Sui; for getting slaughtered a total of 24 times.

Sly Fox Award: nP.Krisje!; for getting killed only 4 times

Internal enemy Award: raw,Mata; for killing 2 teammates.

Needless player Award: raw,Mata; raw,edge; for getting slaughtered a total of 2 times by teamkill.

Rampage Award: nP.Krisje!; for 13 frags without dying.

The Brutal Rambo Award: nP.Krisje!; for 4 series frags.

Freefrag Award: /<.Stary; for 7 deaths without fragging.

King of the Vote Award: raw,Mata; raw,edge; for 1 Vote calls.

Blabbermouth Award: /<.Sui; for 39 lines of messagelog.

Weapon Awards:

The Master of MP40 Award: raw,edge; for 14 frags.

The King of the Thompson Award: nP.Krisje!; for 23 frags.

The Master of greanade is: nP.Krisje!; with 3 frags.

The Silent killer Award: raw,Mata; raw,edge; for 1 knife frags.

The "John Wayne is lama" Award: /<.Stary; for 4 pistol frags.


WeaponFrag %
Luger 9mm56.10
.45ACP 191111.22
<< Total >>82100 %

OSP stat



1. round

Axis TOTAL1335100.5003072611113418236.31
Allies TOTAL4316202.0337315360018066170.12

Message history

/<.Sui whos ur 3rd
raw,Mata team commands not enabled:D
raw,Mata kris is ours
/<.Sui k
/<.Stary o
/<.Sui rezta?
rezta yes
/<.Stary hi
/<.Sui i know u from old days
/<.Sui hmmz
/<.Stary hyperion
/<.Stary kk
/<.Stary cu on
/<.Sui we play base
raw,edge okej
/<.Sui u choose this?
nP.Krisje! I dont know base
nP.Krisje! can we play frost?
/<.Sui no ;(
/<.Sui we arent regular rtcw players so lets keep it basic
nP.Krisje! rup?
/<.Sui hf
/<.Sui ez bash
/<.Sui u can do this gor 8 min if u want
/<.Sui we suck ;D
raw,Mata what game you from?
/<.Sui rtcw in 2004 last time i touched it
/<.Sui now cod4
raw,Mata :D
/<.Stary gg
/<.Sui can u atleast go back to flag
raw,edge get the 3rd
raw,edge type /pause
/<.Stary no
/<.Sui 1 min pb ban..
/<.Stary this isnt serious biz
nP.Krisje! men lol
nP.Krisje! just tell him to change the cvars
/<.Sui hes banned for 1 min
nP.Krisje! 1 min is enough time to change the damn cvar
/<.Sui and get the fuck away from our spawn
/<.Sui arent u a little prick
nP.Krisje! well
nP.Krisje! not really, but you dont seem to take the point
/<.Sui obv hes changing it
/<.Sui u twat
nP.Krisje! ok
nP.Krisje! ok
nP.Krisje! ye
nP.Krisje! obviously
/<.Sui hes a retard just like u
nP.Krisje! twat
raw,edge n1
nP.Krisje! n1..
nP.Krisje! first timers?
/<.Stary way to take the game way to serious
/<.Sui in about 5 years yes
/<.Stary EC for you!
nP.Krisje! it is easy
/<.Sui why do u have to be such an ass
raw,Mata now now
raw,Mata let's just paly
/<.Sui edge dont get assholes as merc next time pls
nP.Krisje! gg
/<.Sui stop typing pls
/<.Sui just play
nP.Krisje! ok sorry
/<.Sui sorry for 3rd
/<.Sui hes a twat
raw,edge whats ur team name in cod4 ?
/<.Sui hes good at the new Wolfenstein but thats obviously a skilless game
/<.Sui we arent continueing this 2on3, sorry for wasting your time
raw,Mata np
/<.Sui good to see ppl still playing this gam :)
nP.Krisje! np m8
/<.Stary krisje thx 4 ruining what a fun game for me. hf with your ego
/<.Sui sorry guys and cu later
nP.Krisje! haha
raw,Mata lol barely any, our first for like a month
raw,edge whats ur cod4 team name?
/<.Sui team dignitas
raw,edge :o)
raw,edge kris joined them !
/<.Sui im actually the manager
raw,edge 2managers? :p
/<.Sui nope just me
/<.Sui stary is a 141 wolfenstein player
/<.Sui well back 2 irc for me
nP.Krisje! |

Date and Time: 2009.Sep.19. 21h30m29s -------- Evolution Wolfenstein Stat - 1.15
Effiency=Frag/(Death+Suicide). /kill's are not counted in suicides.
Evolution Wolfenstein Team Author: evoSZZS